Four Lines a Day

Four Lines a Day
The Life and Times of an Imnaha Ranch Woman
Janie Tippett

In the 1930's, a girl moved to a rural community along the Imnaha River in northeast Oregon's Wallowa County. There, in country so remote that electricity didn't arrive until the 1960s, she married and built a life of hard work and deep friendships with family and neighboring ranchers.

Through it all, she kept a diary--four lines a day--for sixty years. This is the story of the life of Mary Marks, revealed by those diaries and conversations with her long-time friend,Janie Tippett. As much as anything, this is a story of friendship between two women, a friendship built on a common love for ranching and for the wild, rugged country of the Imnaha.

NEW second edition with maps!

ISBN 978-0-918957-35-1

Kalashnikov in the Sun Kalashnikov In The Sun: An Anthology of Sierra Leonean Poets
Kirsten Rian, Editor

"This book is a revolt against background noise. It’s a palm held up to the face of those who refuse to believe people do horrible things to one another, and most importantly, that they can survive." - Kirsten Rian

With help from the poets themsevles, Kirsten Rian assmebled this book across an ocean. Pika Press proudly helped her bring it to productioin. Three hundred copies went straigth from the press to Sierra Leone; the rest are here for us to read and pass on, one voice to another, witnesses for peace and humanity, against war and cruelty.

ISBN 0-918957-32-X
Zumwalt anthology
The Zumwalt: Writings from the Prairie

A collection of writings by participants in Don Snow's workshop at Summer Fishtrap 2006. The workshop was entitled "Writing on the Prairie, a Special Nature" and included actual visits to the Zumwalt Prairie of Wallowa County, Oregon. Contributions by Michael Andrews, Carol Carnahan, Jean Falbo, Thea Gavin, Shelley Kirk-Rudeen, Amy Minato, Janie Tippett, Victoria Ruth Kuhns Wheeler, with foreword by Donald Snow.

ISBN 0-918957-28-1
Run Plant Fly (novel and CD)
Ellie Belew

Run Plant Fly is a novel about our memories and how we play with them and what we seek and want from them. It is set in the near past and near future, in a small mountain town of the Pacific Northwest, the site of the first franchised virtual reality amusement center. The CD is a complementary audio experience in six tracks.

ISBN 0-918957-24-9 novel with CD
From the Wallowas OUT OF PRINT
Grace Bartlett

Curator of the Wallowa County Museum, and author of numerous articles on Wallowa County, Bartlett has won state recognition for her original research.

ISBN 0-918957-08-7
Hiking the High Wallowas and Hells Canyon
Frank Conley, Editor OUT OF PRINT

A representative rather than comprehensive guide to the diverse back country of Wallowa County.
(revised edition 1995)

ISBN 0-918957-14-1
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